Saturday, July 26, 2008

Obama Addresses Over 200,000 In Berlin Speech

Sen. Barack Obama's speech in Berlin is generating extensive, and generally positive, media coverage, which casts the Illinois senator's foreign trip as a largely successful attempt to present him to the American people as a potential commander in chief.

As the Wall Street Journal puts it, Obama sought "to burnish his image as a global statesman," which "a spokesman for Sen. McCain called...'a premature victory lap.'" Obama "confidently walked onto a stage at the foot of Berlin's Victory Column to intermittent chants of 'Obama, Obama, Obama!' Some in the crowd compared the address to the rock concerts and sports events that sometimes draw hundreds of thousands of people to the Tiergarten." The Chicago Tribune says the setting "evoked historic addresses by Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan," and "offered an opportunity" for Obama "to demonstrate his capacity to represent American ideals to the international public," and USA Today says Obama "is betting he can win votes at home by proving he can win hearts abroad."

All three networks led with the story last night. NBC Nightly News reported, "As one local journalist here put it, if the election were held today, Barack Obama could sail to victory by a margin of seventy percent or more as president of Germany, perhaps even all of Europe. The only problem is Senator Obama is running for President of the United States." The CBS Evening News reported, "They've been calling this the 'Obama Show' in Berlin. His appeal here, part exotic politician, part rock star. And a rock festival-sized crowd of more than 200,000 gathered to see him." Obama "told them a lot of what they wanted to hear, that Europe and the US had drifted apart and that he would pull them back together."

Original Source: US News & World Report

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