Sunday, February 24, 2008

Superdelegates in favor of Barack Obama

by Zach Blaney

Barack Obama Hillary Clinton Utah According to the recent survey by The Associated Press, more than two dozen superdelegates have come to support of Barack Obama. This could be a big shock for Senator Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama is in a very strong position right now. Many superdelegates have changed their opinion after 11 straight victories to credit of Barack Obama.

The fight between Senator Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is very close and the support from superdelegates will be very crucial in the final decision. Both campaigns are trying their best to get the support from nearly 800 democratic superdelegates.

Senator Hillary Clinton has support of 241 superdelegates as per The Associated Press survey. However, Barack Obama has gained in the past two weeks. Hillary Clinton is losing the support from some influential superdelegates.

Barack Obama has gained more strength after recent endorsements from various labour unions across the country.

Super delegate Christine Samuels said that Barack Obama can help unite the country and supported him. In New Jersey, two superdelegates shifted to Obama. Similarly, two democratic superdelegates from Utah have withdrawn their support to Hillary Clinton.

The statistics from delegates are also in favor of Barack Obama. As per the latest estimates by MSNBC, Barack Obama has support of 1183 delegates while Hillary Clinton has 1031.

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